Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Stencil me in for an appointment.

I love stencils. I used to do a bit in N.Z. just before I left. With so many walls in London begging to be adorned with some art, I might have to get off my arse and actually get some work out there. Banksy of course is my hero, when it comes to stencils. Just the sheer amount, detail and original ideas he comes up is mind boggling. I'm almost tempted to go to Bristol and have a day with a camera. I've spotted a few good pieces in London, but I think Bristol will be better. Another thing I have noticed, how clean my neck of the woods is. Brixton, I would have expected to be covered with decent graf and some nice tags. Maybe I haven't found any yet. I must investigate more. However around my work is a street art paradise. Which is around Old Street. Lots of stickers. Infact too many stickers. Most of it I think is due to the stupid amount of graphic designers in the area. Mind you I see work everyday by D*Face and The London Police which lends a bit of cred to the area. So many people I know don't even notice street art, and see it as petty vandalism. I see the streets around me as one big potential canvas, just waiting to be filled. (God that sounds so pretentious, but I'm so not an art wanker. Go here for my take on art wank.) Get out there people, and start to beautify your part of the city! Here's some sites for inspiration, that I salivate over daily. This site is possibly the daddy of street art sites, and this is a great worldwide sticker site. And this lil puppy blows my mind. And last but not least, where I got today's pic from. Like the Kiwi angle? Funny eh.