Friday, October 15, 2004


Originally uploaded by LIFE OF REILLY.

On the telly last night, on the news to be exact, there was a piece on the Frieze Art Fair. I heard the reporter say some thing about "if you have cash to burn." I immediately pricked up my ears. The reporter then waffled about the contemporary modern art scene and the flicked through a few "artworks". Then this little stunner came on the screen. I hunted to find a pic of it, but eventually made one myself (took about 5 minutes). Anyway, its a can of beans with a hotdog on a motor that goes up and down in an out of the beans. Can't remember the name of the artist, or the name of the piece, but at least the name was something equally retarded as the offending piece ot "art". The price of this fine piece of shite is £35,000. Yes thats right! £35,000. Has art finally gone up its own arsehole? For fucks sake, who the hell is going to pay for a can of baked beans with a mechanical hotdog? Point those idiots in my direction, ill sell them some thing that will take an hour to produce, and 2 seconds to explain. Don't get me wrong here I love art, had a ball last time I went to the Saatchi Gallery. Loved the room full of oil, the big rat ball and the wishbone spiral thing. But the art by that stupid cow who's contribution is a skanky unmade bed with a pile of rubbish next to it? Come on... Phuleez! Its a pile of trash. Maybe shes the clever one to get some fool to pay for it, but she cant seriously think its art? Maybe shes a looney? Or just grubby. I've got a nice piece for the Frieze Art Fair. It consists of a few kilos of semtex, placed throughout the building, and a piece of very long fuse and a detonator. I'd then simply blow the whole fucking lot up. Hell, I'd even just do it for the cost of the materials. Fuck art.....Lets rumble.