Thursday, October 14, 2004

Reverend Spooner's Tips of the Slung

Rear Deeders, how your beds. Let us salute the eponymous master of the verbal somersault, the Rev. William Archibald Spooner. He left us all a legacy of laughter. He also gave the dictionary a new entry: spoonerism. The very word brings a smile. It refers to the linguistic flip-flops that turn "a well-oiled bicycle" into "a well-boiled icicle" and other ludicrous ways speakers of English get their mix all talked up.

know your blows
go and shake a tower
tease my ears
nicking your pose
you have very mad banners
lack of pies
it's roaring with pain
sealing the hick
go help me sod
pit nicking
bowel feast
I'm a damp stealer
wave the sails
chipping the flannel on TV
mad bunny
I'm shout of the hour
this is the pun fart
I hit my bunny phone
flutter by
bedding wells
I must mend the sail
cop porn
it crawls through the fax
my zips are lipped
bat flattery
would you like a nasal hut?
belly jeans
eye ball
fight in your race
ready as a stock
no tails
hiss and lear
soul of ballad

Nicked off the net.