Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Supermarket Soup

I'm going through a bit of a soup phase at the moment. Partly because I'm not used to the cold ( I'm told constantly "Cold? This ain't even winter yet mate.") Great. Just what I need to hear. Anyhoo back to the soup. Attempting to save a bit of money and venture into the day-glo world of supermarkets (which I detest) and get a decent made soup. Been a sucker for advertising (my chosen profession also, which makes me the ultimate sucker.) I went for Lyod Grossmans Chicken & Vegetable soup. Don't make the same mistake I did. You sure you live up to your name Mr. Gross-man. Want some taste you cant quite put your finger on? Something not quite right? This package of slop is the the ticket. The worst thing is I'm still forcing myself to eat it. What a moron I am. Will I ever learn? Gag. Note to self: Never trust fancy packaging again. Oh well, I'm forced to go out and blow more cash on some designer soup from round the corner. Where's my mum when I need her for my favourite comfort food. Bah.