Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Ramble On

Yesterday I decided to start a blog, and for the rest of the time since, all I’ve been thinking is what the hell do I actually put in this? I suppose anything I want to, right? Who am I talking to? Me? But here's where things start to confuse me a wee bit. If its for me, why do I need to put it out there, I mean here, so you can read what I write... Right? A good friend of mine has a blog, and to be honest, i'm fascinated by the whole concept of it. Its like a reality show of someone else’s life, that you can basically fill in the visuals. Unless there is pictures, and then you fill in a little less. (I can’t even take any photos at the moment because I dropped my lovely cybershot dsct-1 down the loo, at a recent party. And actually to the shock of my self, peed on it. Its now well and truly fucked.) Ironically the party was at none other than the friend who introduced me here. And now that I think about it a bit more, I don’t really want to show pictures of the mad shit that might cross my path in the times ahead. I usually cringe when someone shows me a photo of a mad night. God do I look that spastic? Yes you do. No-o-o-o I can’t look that bad, I don’t feel that bad? I suppose that’s why it’s called a mad night? Because you look really mad. But i'm digressing as usual. Back to the question in hand. What the hell do I put in here! Its obvious now. This kind of rambling bollocks. Eh?