Wednesday, February 23, 2005

If you are bored.

I was just flicking through Paris Hilton's phonebook.

First thing I'd do is ring Eminem up and give him an impromptu rap over the phone, and hopefully do a duet sometime in the future. I'd ring Christina Aguilara and tell he that she was a bit whiffy, and that I'm way too good for her. Maybe I'd call Fred Durst just to tell him all about New Zealand's version of Limp Bizkit. Soggy Biscuit. Don't ask what this readers. Please. I wonder who "Party Guy" is and I wonder if he delivers. Is Victoria Gotti related to John Gotti? I'd ring Vin Diesal and tell him that he's not that good, and is going to end up like Sly Stallone in 10 years. I'd ring Fergie up in a heartbeat, unless it was the other, plump red headed one. And as for Nellie Hooper, you have a great voice, what ya hanging round with the wee Hilton Hoor?

Have fun, dial away.