Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My ride home.

I had a terrible but quite comical ride home on the tube last night.

I was a bit pissed off after having talked to BT for over 45 minutes over the debacle that is my broadband account. I hate the fact that you explain yourself for 10 minutes, and then they just friggin' transfer you to some other monkey and you have to go through the same tedious process again. After the third time I was getting quite curt. Phrases like "Look, (insert moron's name here) I need to have a definite answer from you to my seemingly simple request, do not transfer me, because I know your name and will lay a complaint to your supervisor. (they hate when you take record of their name, it means they may be accountable). Anyway the upshot is that I have managed to fix my problem. (I hope).

By the time the call was over, I just wanted to get home, and had no time for the general public. I hopped on the tube at Farringdon, which was packed. I was politely shoving people out the way to get on the carriage, and was trying to get round 4 big businessmen that were clumped round the pole. I stood to the right of them. Someone then tried to shove me to the left of the businessmen. There was no place to go. I was pushed against the businessmen. I turned in anger and blurted out "Just go right round the bloody pole, can't you see I can't move!" At this point the four big businessmen stopped talking and fixed their eyes on me. One of them piped up in a heavy broken english accent. "Are you mocking us?" I'm like "Eh? No." He replied "We are offended by you". They started gabbling in some foreign eastern European tongue and shot me intermittent daggers from their steely blue eyes. The penny dropped. They were from Poland. I nearly pissed myself with laughter. I had to cover my mouth with my jacket and pretend to cough into my jacket. The tube stopped at Kings Cross and I got off as quick as I could. Next hurdle was the ticket booth. I was jostling to get through and felt a tap on the inside of my leg near my shoes. I looked down to see what looked like a white skateboard wheel on the end of a stick. I quickly pivoted round and in the process knocked a blind man's cane out of his hand and sent it whacking into some poor lady. She yelped, the blindman howled and I had a white stick in between my ankles. Some tube dude saw the commotion and started towards me. I quickly bent down, picked up the white stick, tapped the blind guy with the handle and quickly scurried through the turnstile and didn't look back. I am so going to Hell.