Thursday, February 10, 2005

Rage against the machine

fuck le system
Originally uploaded by LIFE OF REILLY.

Hi, my name is Reilly, and I'm an angry moron. Why you ask? Because I didn't read the fine print. In my last flat I signed up for BT broadband. Nowhere on the website was I told that it was a 12 month contract. Only a tiny little box that I checked, that said that I agreed to the terms and conditions. £30 a month for 12 bloody months. No problem really, except that the phone line was not in my name. I've moved out now and my poor ex flatmate is now liable. I rang BT and asked if I could transfer the broadband. They told me it would be no problem to do this. I rang today to get my phone reconnected, and BT actually told me that the only way to get around it was me to say I was my old flatmate. Incredible. I told the guy that amounts to fraud, and he said, yes, that's the only way. BT, the vile money hungry wankers, want a new connection out of me. No way. I'm now resigned to the fact that I'm going to have to ring my old flatmate and set up yet another standing order and pay for broadband that I can't even use. What a dick I am.

My ongoing nightmare with the establishment continues. First HSBC, now BT. You'd think I would have learned to be a responsible adult by the age of 32. I seriously think I was born in the wrong decade, because I have had bullshit with every single company product or service that I have ever signed up for in my entire life. Maybe not so much bullshit to be honest, but more like my total inability to budget money and total disregard for fine print, standing orders, bills, parking tickets, and anything to do with the man. I think it stems from my burning desire since a kid to fuck the system any chance I get. All that seems to happen is the system fucks me.

NB: I'm only writing this to vent my anger at the system, to stop me taking to BT vans with cricket bats, setting junction boxes on fire, putting bricks through HSBC windows and spitting at parking wardens. Believe me, it's therapy.