Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bad England, daytime tv and the pox.

I wish I had cable tv. I've exhausted my stash of dvds. Dvds from Asia are always a bit of a gamble, but for $1 us a dvd, it's a gamble worth taking. Even, in my state of complete boredom, watched "Goodbye Lenin" in German. After a while, it didn't take long to get the plot, and I actually enjoyed the the film. So what if the plot is a figment of my warped imagination, it suited my needs. A more harder to follow is the french film "Taxi." Being an Asian copy, this little gem had subtitles. The only thing was the subtitles were from some Asian translation service, which I suspect was some dude who spent a year in the states, who is typing dialogue into Babelfish. This makes for very interesting reading. Quotes such as "The red buddhist motor oil, grand starts to frame" and "he becomes house to see friend woman nicely" I'll write down some other ones later today. It got me thinking of the clangers I saw in my travels through Asia. I had a hotel that had a "Perception" Desk. I had a dish called "fried meets with egg noddles and rich." And if I left all my dirty clothes in the basket, my "wishing" would be done.

Pox Update: I'm blistering, which is really sore. The codiene is working a treat, but the side effects is that I can't concentrate for very long. I'm getting bored out of my skull. Daytime T.V. seems the answer at the moment. It's a stupid programme where they pick letters and make words. This old biddy just tried to make the word "Haemorrhoids" and the dickhead presenter said I bet that has "piles" of letters in it. She couldn't spell it anyway. Retard. Wow, aren't my days exciting at the moment.

House Update: I'm happy to say, that I've found an amazing place in Brixton Hill. This has been my little ray of sunshine today. I move next week.

Put through babelfish from English to Chinese and back.

Smallpox renewal: I'm gets up the blister, is truly the ache. Codiene operates one kind to receive cordially, but the side effect is I can't centralism for extremely long-term. I'm obtains tastelessly in mine skull, I'm watched at that time outside daytime T.V.. It's stupid program they pick the letter and make the word the place. This only old biddy tries to make word "Haemorrhoids" And dickhead bestowing said I made a bet had "Piles" Letter in it. Her couldn't incantation it in any event. Decelerates. Ha, aren' t my day stimulated at that time.

Legislative body renewal: I'm happily said, that I've has discovered a surprising place in the Brixton hill. This is my small light today. Under I move a week.