Monday, January 17, 2005


It hurts so bad. Imagine having coldsores the size of your frigging hand. Imagine all the nerve pathways all damaged, causing deep muscle pain. Thank god for the super strength codiene, I'd be in a lot more pain, otherwise. Thank God for my collection of crap dvd's that I picked up in Vietnam, it kills the boredom. Thank god for my cool flatmate, who told me to help myself to her food. (I'm broke as well as sick. Why me?) My other flatmate, well I feel like rolling in her bed sheets, she is as cold as ice. Hopefully my new flat is going to work out all well, fingers crossed. I just have to meet a flatmate. How charming will I be, in my state, I'm not too sure, but I'll do my best. I really want this house. I have to move out of my house next week. Geez I don't want to be homeless. Any offers of food, money, or dvds will be greatly appreciated. Even old smackie, got a post out of my misfourtune. I'm sure the Germans have a word for that? Bah.