Monday, January 10, 2005

Weekend Nostalgia

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I had a rather sedate weekend. It was actually quite nice to wake up on a Saturday, not feel shit on Sunday and super depressed on Monday. Even had a few results. I managed to find a person to move into my room. I feel sorry for him really, he has to deal with my cow of a housemate. Which incidentally now that I'm moving out, the gloves are well and truly off. Nothing like a good slagging match. Funniest thing is she takes the bait everytime, and don't realise it's all just a big game to me. Muhahahaha. Priceless. I watched the old clash film "Rude Boy" on Friday night. It's amazing. For me anyway. Might not mean much to Londoners, but when you hear names like Streatham Hill and Brixton being mentioned in the film, I'm like screaming internally."Fuck!!! I've been there!" Joe Strummer, you are sorely missed, my man. For me it's a big thrill to even walk down a street where some music have been inspired. Like Electric Avenue in Brixton. I'm like "That's not the Eddy Grant song? Is it? God it has to be!" I buzz off that kind of stuff. Needless to say, with all these musical references I'm looking to move to Brixton. I know I'm gonna love it there. All my friends live there. It's gonna be great! Also picked up a great album on the weekend. Gang of four: A brief history of the twentieth Century. Every song on this album is genius. I can't fault it. I cant wait to see them live at the end of the month. On a sad note, Phil Matthias, otherwise known as "Phil on the Hill" died this weekend. He did my first tattoo. I'll never forget that Saturday morning. I was watching a Danzig video at home and saw Glen parading around with kick ass tattoos on his biceps. Something clicked, and I walked out of my house in Jervois Rd in Herne Bay and walked along to College Hill and got my first tattoo inked by Phil. He deflowered so many of my friends, and started me off in my tattooed life. Cheers Phil.

P.S: One excuse to watch T.V. Bez on Celebrity Big Brother. My money is on you!