Friday, January 21, 2005

The outside world.

I haven't been out for a while, due to be stricken down with the plague for the last week. However a week later, I'm starting to feel a little better. I've had little care packages from friends which always nice. Thanks Smackie and Kym (my evil twin). I had go out and find a Halifax bank and to deposit a wad of moolah for my new pad in Brixton. I decided to cheer myself up and go to The Virgin Megastore for one cd or dvd or book. I have a strange affliction for not being able to make my mind up given a lot of choices. I spent two and a half fucking hours in that damn shop. I listened to at least 40 cds and couldn't buy one! Top of the list were:- Television : Marquee Moon, Talking Heads : Fear of Music. And last but not least The Clash : London Calling 25th Anniversay Edition. Which in hindsight I should have just bought and got the hell out of there. I then moved onto the music dvds. Oh my god. Why did I even start to look at these. Lots of goodies here. Including 3 Johnny Thunders dvds, which I will research more. A great New Order Live dvd, a Blondie greatest hits, and a Ramones dvd that clocks in at a hefty 5 hours. Too many choices, so I passed them all up. I then decided to go downstairs. Bad move. I just turned around and got the hell out of dodge. I seriously cant wait until I get a debit card and I can just shop online. It pisses me off that I have such a hard time when I go out to huge places to buy anything. God you should see me go out shopping for clothes or shoes. I just give up. I went into the the same shop 4 days in a row and picked up the same pair of shoes everytime, before I bought them. Anyway back to my little adventure in the big city. I then walked up and down the same road 3 or four times looking at things to eat. I gave up and walked into Burger King twice, joined the queue twice and then walked out..... twice. I ended up finding a Pret and spent five minutes choosing a sandwich. I decided to head homeward. Good move considering my brain was beginning to ache, and the codiene was wearing off and the plague was starting to hurt. I went to Angel, (which I know the layout of, and feel a lot more at ease pottering around in) and to my surprise found a Halifax. I completed my banking mission, walked into HMV, bought a Richard Pryor DVD with only spending 20 minutes in the shop, which is record time for me. Being on a roll, I then decided to tackle Sainsburys. Usually this is a nightmare for me. I was pretty knackered by this stage and bought some good apple juice and grapes and just got out of there as quick as possible. I hopped on the bus and retreated back to the safety of my cave. Total misson time : Five hours. What the hell is wrong with me? I seriously think I have a mental disorder. Any clues? Anyone?