Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Meet the Fockers.

I don't usually get sucked into the bullshit world of politics but I'm a little ticked off.

"Celebrating Freedom, Honoring Service," is the theme for old fucko's second inauguration tomorrow. It will heavily emphasize a nation at war, but festivities will rival those held during peacetime. Great Eh? Doesn't that make you feel good. Planned are nine official balls, a youth concert, a parade, a fireworks display and, of course, fucko's second swearing-in ceremony at noon on Jan. 20. The cost will be between $30 million and $40 million, an amount that does not include expenses for security. Does this figure piss anyone off?

Celebrating Freedom. Can America be any further away from the truth? For a nation (well half a nation) that is obsessed with itself like no other nation on the planet. They are addicted to presevering their own piggish way of life. (Well unless you are on welfare, not white or think outside the square.) They give up more of their freedom everyday under the guise of safety from those terrible terrorists who goal is to take the American way of life. Phuleeez. Give me a break. What you need to save a bit of face guys is these few little things. Number one on the list, and the main reason you are the target of horrible attacks like 9/11. is this. America, stop backing Israel, look at this map for a second. You can see that Israel is smack in the middle of the muslim world. And lets not forget that little hot property of Jersualem, especially The Dome of the Rock which has a lot of importance to the Islamic faith. God help us if that should fall into muslim hands, which Israel will never let happen. Get your ass out of Iraq, they don't want your version of Democracy. Stop sucking up to those Saudi's, and start to look at alternative energy sources. God know's you've shelved enough of them over the years. The most ironic observation I think is that America's saviour "Jesus" if real at all, is not exactly a white, blue eyed, sandy haired guy with a beard. More like an olive skinned, brown eyed, black haired guy with a beard. Kind of like the people in Iraq.

Honoring Service. If that means disobeying The United Nations, swapping guns for prisoners, building up nations to fight other nations, holding prisoners without trial, invading countries without cause, demolishing other countries to "protecting thier democatic freedom" against hostile invaders, commiting war crimes in Vietnam, Indochina, Korea, Angola, Central America, Afganistan and Iraq just to name a few. I feel terrible for the people who go to war, and for families that suffer loss, but sorry America, your leaders are warmongers out of control. And we can only look on everyday in horror and disbelief. How did it come to this?

And that's my 2 cents worth on the theme. Now the cost. Between 30-40 million dollars. Surely this money could be put to better use? I'm not going to into charity mode, and I'm not touching the issues of charity surrounding the Tsunami. It's horrible, and a tragedy, but a lot of the world lives in poverty everyday. Just look at Africa for instance. I'm just disgusted at the price tag for this fraudster's little party. Look here for "donors" for the big bash. Wonder what tax breaks or kickbacks those companies might be getting in the time to come. Infact I wonder if they are owned or have any connection to the "Natural Born Killers" above. Aren't donations, tax right offs?

Ill get off my soapbox now.

Poxometer: On a scale of 1-10, one being a breeze, and 10 being extreme pain like I have never experienced before in my life, I'm currently at 9.0. Make it go away please :(