Monday, February 07, 2005


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Is there ever such a thing as a few quiet beers? I'm starting to doubt it very much. My weekend started innocently in this manner. A few pints of cider and all logical reasoning manages to evaporate from my brain. For a person who is trying to STAY IN FOR ONE GOD DAMN WEEKEND, I'm failing pretty miserably. Somehow I managed to get quite drunk, wind up at Waterloo Pier, hop on a boat full of people doing the charleston, fake a titanic pose, took part in an avant garde (IE: pissed) photo shoot. Wound up in Streatham at a good friends place, passed out, didn't know where I was when I woke, went home dazed and confused. Slept, eat, slept. Went to friends place. Went to a Waitangi Day party. Proceeded to get really drunk really quickly. Got asked by a friend if I was still on pain killers. Bingo. Painkillers + Beer = Trainwreck. Did this curb me? Did it fuck. Ended up getting booted out at midnight (I think?) and somehow ending up in Hackney. Got home at 7.30am MONDAY MORNING. Thought I would just catch 1/2 hour kip before going to work. Woke at 11.00am to the sound of my boss calling me...... for the fifth time. Got to work at midday. I'm amazed I still even have a job. The worst thing is there are huge gaps in my weekend. If anyone saw me out, or seen what I might of done, which I remember very little (you guys know who you are) please help me. It's a bit of a worry really. Please leave a message and help a poor confused man fill in the gaps. The moral of this story is NOT to mix painkillers and booze. But If you feel like a night out, and a bit of an adventure, take 3 codeine and drink a few units of beer. Give it a few hours and you WILL be a unit, and a very special one at that.

NB: I just re-read my post. I'm single by the way, hard to believe I know, what are the chances! I mean I'd be a perfect date for a quiet couple of drinks.