Thursday, March 31, 2005

Six month review (Part 1)

It's been Six months since I arrived in London, and it's time to take stock and see what I love and hate about London.



I can't stand the bastards. The banking system in this country is backwards, full of paper pushing patronising wankers and a general Nightmare. I have written a few times about my disgust for the banking system, and have not had a good time going to the bank once. It's been six months and I'm still without my debit card. God knows I've tried. I will, however find out within the next week if I'll get my prize possession, only through applying for a bank account as a foreign national. Amazing eh! I'm a british citizen and have to flash the NZ passport to hopefully get a normal bank account. Mind boggling I know, but hey, that's the arcane banking world.


Fucking everywhere. Like 20 people waiting to use a cash machine. 10 people waiting for food in a café. Inside the bank, the Post Office, Argos, Tube Stations. I understand this city has millions of people, but it still makes me insane waiting for anything. It's wasting my time. Can the stupid clerk at the bank, after waiting 10 minutes to talk to her give me the time back? I don't think so. Thiefs.


I'm waiting for summer. I hope it's good. Only because I've never experienced the swings in the weather, that grace this city. One minute it's snowing, then the next week I'm having a picnic, then a couple of days later it's baltic again. Then it's raining, then it's not. It's worse than Auckland, and that's saying something.

Getting paid monthly.

I'm 33 and I still can't budget. No matter how I try. I'm usually struggling for the last week or so before payday. Like clockwork. It's a combination of serious partying, impulse buying, and shouting people. Oh well, I'll learn sooner or later... Not.

Getting sick.

I have never gotten so sick in all my life as I have living in London. I think it has something to do with the serious partying mentioned above. I'm not a young buck anymore. I'm more like a tough old stag, that should be shot and turned into a trophy. I'm way past my sell by date, infact I think I'm slowly disintegrating from the inside out. To date I have had 3 or 4 serious colds, a crippling bout of shingles, a seriously nasty bacteria living in my stomach, a liver that has decided to go on strike, phantom pains on my side that really hurt, and I feel like somebody has gave me a good kicking everytime I wake up in the morning. Apart from these ailments, I'm a box of birds most of the time. Oh, I nearly forgot, I've had the most amount of sickdays ever in the history of my company.

Grey Concrete.

A wee bit of colour wouldn't go amiss. Nuff said.


I'm trying not to become one. Honest.