Thursday, March 24, 2005

12053 days so far.

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Today I hooked up with a few people, dead and alive. Old mate Harry Houdini, my drinking buddy Steve McQueen, my two dates, Kelly Le Brock and Lara Flynn Boyle. My crazy twin, Sandy, and evil twin Kym. Mase from De La Soul was spinning some tunes, and we were all talking about old times. Like on the day I was born, Great Britian imposed direct rule over Northern Ireland. That crazy incident when I was one, when Lou Reed was bitten on his bum by a fan. The sad day in music history, when I was six when British Courts granted record companies to sieze bootleg and pirate recordings. Or when I was 8, banging out to the new Iron Maiden album "The number of the Beast." Or the suspect times when I was 16 when Oliver North pleaded innocent to Iran-Contra charges. A year later we witnessed the Exxon Valdez spilling it's guts. We toasted Queen Mary popping her clogs, and drank to all those departed, including Sandy, who was born today. Where ever you are now bro, Shine on, you crazy diamond.