Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Punk rock Preschool.

Originally uploaded by LIFE OF REILLY.

I stumbled across this place today. It's a kids show in Washington D.C called Pancake Mountain. It's made by old punk rockers. They seem to be sick of all the commericials and violence on TV, so they made thier own show. The music on the show is outstanding. Performances by The Arcade Fire, Steel Pulse, Anti Flag, Fiery Furnaces and The Thievery Corporation just to name a few. There's even cameos by ex Minor Threat/Fugazi frontman Ian McKaye singing a song called "Vowel Movement" with his new band the Evans. They even have a savvy sheep puppet called Rufus Leaking who interviews the likes of George Clinton, The Undertones, Henry Rollins, Presidents of the USA, and the Scissor Sisters to name a few. They even have little kid dance parties. How cool is that? I'm totally glued to my screen and I'm supposed to be all grown up and stuff.