Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Guns of Brixton.

Just heard on the radio that last night at the NAS concert at Brixton Academy, that "gunshots" were fired at the ceiling and people were evacuated and the concert was stopped. You can read the story here. What a bummer, I'd hate to pay money for a gig and have to leave because of some wannabe gansta decided it would be a macho act to unload a few rounds into the ceiling.

But what really got me pissed is that at the end of the radio news piece, it had snippets of people giving thier view of what had happened. It was all "Well it's Brixton innit" and "It's Brixton, there's lots of crazy people here innit." How stupid are those comments. A: "Innit" is not a word. B: How do we know the person firing the shots came from Brixton? What if the gig was at Earls Court? Would the public say "We'll he probably came up the Victoria line from Brixton to fire the shots tonight" and "Look at all the crazy people here! They must all be from Brixton!"

I've been in Brixton a little while now, and I walk the streets day & night, sometimes alone, and apart from your usual skunk dealers and the odd homeless person, I have felt totally safe. I've never seen a gun, never seen any street violence and never seen anyone being shot. I don't think any of my friends have either. Now I'm not saying that these things don't happen, but from my view I ain't seen jack.

I'd rather live in charming Swiss Cottage in North West London where you can get your head lopped off with an Axe. Or being kicked to death by a traffic Warden in Highbury. Or being stabbed to death while in the back of an ambulance in Bounds Green. How about the cosy Somers Town where you can get stabbed and your child asphyxiated. Or where you can get knifed in the chest over a dispute about a £1 pizza in Holloway Road.

Maybe this post is a little bit biased, but stop slagging off Brixton. It's been ten years since this happened. And 24 years since these dark days. Get over it people. It ain't as bad daan saaf as everyone makes out.