Friday, March 18, 2005

Bogan Brilliance.

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I can't help it. I'm a closet metalhead. I got hold of one of my favourite albums of all time today. It's the first Danzig album. I can't believe how good it still sounds. Everything about it is brilliant. Apart from the obvious silly notion of being satanic, which I dimissed at the time as being a gimmick, which I've been proved wrong considering Glenn Danzig's output since this classic first album. Not to mention his company Verotik, which has some truly satanic.... er comic books.

But lets get back to that album. The original lineup of Glenn Danzig, John Christ (love the name!) on guitar, Eerie Von (again, love the name!) on bass, and the best name ever on drums Chuck Biscuits. (who used to be in the Circle jerks and Black Flag). All under the wing of super producer Rick Rubin. These faustian four made 40 minutes of hard rock heaven (or hell).

Tracks such "Twist of Cain" (with Randy Rhodes trademark guitar noodling), "Am I demon" (which is faster version of War Pigs in my opinion), the bluesy "She Rides", (which has one of the sauciest videos of the day). The highlight, and possibly their biggest hit was of course "Mother". He almost sounds like a weird mix of Elvis and Jim Morrison if you take away all the music, and are left with Glenn's evil crooning. If you ever get a hold of this video, it will maybe get a giggle. Picture this if you will. Glenn Danzig crucified on a cross, surrounded by scantily clad women. Oh and he's got a fake goats head on. Priceless. Infact this video sums up the whole theme of the album, religion and women. Which seems, by the rest of his catalogue still seems occupy Glenn's dark and twisted mind. Good on you Glenn, you dark prince, thanks for turning me onto this slice of the devil's music. I hope you go to hell. You deserve it.