Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My head feels like an Easter Egg*****

Serious mental block today. Or more to the point, my mental capacity for words is a block. A block of melted cheese to be exact. So today there will be no in depth story of my Easter break. I'll just break it down for you into little bite size globs.

Pick up cousin / Go to Garlic & Shots* / See all good friends / Get great presents / Pissed off with restaurant / Pissed off with thieving little goth c**ts / Food is shit / Start to actually get pissed / Hung out with the Stepney Green Massive / Morning has broken / We are all broken / Tube ride from Hell / Mad garden action**, keywords include "Marsupial" "Scrub" and "Colostomy Bag" / Collapse in a crumpled heap / Curry / Sleep / Borough Market / Saatchi Gallery*** / Camden Market / Cousin can't believe you can buy shrooms / She buys some / Home / Happy Mondays gig**** / Whitehorse till very, very, very late / Collapse in a crumpled heap / Sleep the entire day / Indonesian food / Cousin wants to try Shrooms / Giggle for for four hours / Watch good films / Eat more Indonesian food / Collapse in a crumpled heap / Sleep / Get really confused by daylight savings / Go back to sleep / Wake up / Go to Oxford Circus to eat / Sadly drop cousin off at St. Pancras / Go home / Restore sane life for another week at the office...

* For a more indepth review of Garlic & Shots go here. Thanks Smackie.
** I'm waiting for this guy to write about this. Hurry up Mikey.
*** The new exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery is slim pickings in my opinion, but Jörg Immendorff rocks. Marlene Dumas has serious issues going on, and Hermann Nitsch is slightly a few cards short of a full deck in my opinion..
**** For a more indepth review of The Happy Mondays go here. Thanks again Smackie.
***** Not so much the actual egg, but the contents, which are hollow.