Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rage against the machine

I've been neglecting my blog lately sorry.

The truth is I've just been playing the welfare game. It's great! You get to wait 8 weeks and counting for them to sort out your benefit. You stand line in for hours, collect hundreds of phone numbers, and listen to hours of great muzak. You get to see South London streets by having to walk to interviews because you have no money. Great! You're diet is suffering because you can't afford to feed yourself propely. Cool! You have bills to pay! You have to apply for crisis loans. Yippee! You end up waiting for 4 weeks to get your national insurance number only for them to loose it and have to start again. Woohoo! It's £54 a week. Bonus. It's great, this welfare game.

Note to self: Get a job.