Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I was having a bit of an off day yesterday, basically getting over yet another monster weekend, and noticing that summer has slunked out of the picture for yet another year, and feeling for the first time in ages a little homesick. Great. Not.

I caught the bus home to Brixton from London Bridge, climbed upstairs, found a perch to aimlessly gaze at the life going by. I was feeling quite mopey. Heading up towards Elephant and Castle there is a lot of University digs, with lots of lone people in lone rooms, maybe toiling with work, maybe not. It looked like a lonely life. It probably isn't, but that's what was going through my head. I thought to myself, I'm glad I'm not in those shoes. Further along the ride I saw some homeless guy begging. I thought to myself, how did he end up like that? Surely he has some family? Again I thought, I'm glad I'm not in those shoes. Next up I saw a lot of people in a checkout line in a cost-cutter. Everyone looked miserable, nearly all were buying booze, going home alone to wipe out their day, well that's what was going through my mind. They were probably not, but hey, I'm wallowing on my busride. Yet again I thought, I'm glad I'm not in those shoes.

By this stage I was feeling pretty glum, and for some fucked up reason quite enjoying it. The bus turned a corner, and so did I. I saw a man walking a puppy. The puppy was bouncing all over the show, constantly playing with his owner, the owner had such a huge grin, and was having a great time with his puppy. Next thing a small child started singing a song she must of learned to her mum on the bus. I caught the eye of what looked like the most proudest mum, and a really happy child. I started to feel better. The bus came up to my stop, I hopped off, crossed the road, and spied a few of my best mates in our local boozer. We had a few drinks and had a good laugh about the antics on the weekend.

I woke up this morning with a killer hangover, but I had been reminded again that if I'm feeling homesick, maybe feeling a bit crap, or that this huge city of London might be grinding me down, that there's a lot more people out there with a life that is 100 times worse than me, and that my mates mean a lot more than I might think sometimes.

It's funny, how sometimes it takes the simplest thing like a bus ride to give you a bit of perspective.

Isn't life great.