Thursday, September 22, 2005

Open letter to Mr. Bush

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Look at this photo George. It's hurricane Rita, which is on it's way to Texas. Look at the size of that thing. Fucking hell. I hope that your nation, laughably run by you and your moronic buddies, has all it's emergency services sorted out. Maybe you have, considering it's your old stomping ground, and that your government totally fucked up with hurricane Katrina.

I wonder how these current "acts of God" go down with Christian America, who coincidently got you into power? The Book of Revelation, perhaps? End of the world? Maybe you should think (if that's possible) how your country is contributing towards Global warming. Maybe considering signing The Kyoto Protocol perhaps?

Funny how your addiction to oil is going to be thwarted for a while in the Gulf of Mexico, and the reason possibly is linked to your actions of a nation, burning those fossil fuels. Ironic huh?

Again funny, how, because of these "acts of God" is going to make the price of oil sky high, impacting on the worlds economy? I'm sure you'll be ok, eh? And all your mates. You'll probably make a bit of cash out of it right?

Funny also, that your welfare state has bubbled up to the media surface, being the richest country in the world. You can't even provide for your own people Mr. Bush. Sorry that's not totally true. You can't provide for the poor, sick and ethnic people of your nation.

Your's sincerely,

Mr. Reilly

P.S: How's the war in Iraq going? Quite "civil" I'm sure.

P.P.S: Go fuck yourself, c**t.

P.P.P.S: Sorry for all the language, but I hate you with a passion. Do us all a favour George, go have a hunting accident, or walk out in front of a bus, please.