Monday, September 19, 2005

Kate Moss, whatever.

So Kate Moss is a cokehead. Who would of guessed that one eh? Whoop-de-fucking-do. She also sneaks away at a dinner with Nelson Mandela to "powder her nose"? Again, big deal. She's a fashion model for god's sake. She isn't some political figurehead, big corporate bigwig or scientist. She's a girl from Croydon right? With a questionably pretty face? She's got rodent features if you ask me.

Anyone with half a brain could figure out that almost everyone in the fashion industry, or most entertainment industries to be honest, does some kind of drug at some point of their career. It goes with the territory. It probably don't stop at the entertainment industry either. If you are rich, like to party, odds on you might have a cheeky line from time to time. Or a lot, as this case may be.

I picked up a News of the World on Sunday morning. What a great paper that one is eh? Proper journalism eh? Anyway it turns out that Naomi Campbell's old personal assistant who ironically was sorting out some gear for Ms.Moss at the Mandela party, spilled the beans and sold the story to the papers, after the photo of Kate hoovering up some gak appeared in some tabloid last week. For a good wedge of dough I bet. I wonder if anyone else's PA will follow suit and shop their old employees? Imagine it. I'd buy that paper. For talkings sake, imagine the headlines if say for instance, someone close to Tony Blair decided to do the same? Blair on the bugle! Cherie's on Crack! Downing Street Druggies!

Oh well I suppose this will blow over soon enough (Sorry I couldn't resist), unless she decides to get serious and go harder like her boyfriend, King of the crackheads, Pete Doherty. Let's see how long those looks of hers will last then? She'll be another Roseanne Holland. Good God, what a poster campaign that will be!