Thursday, June 16, 2005

Freaking out.

This sounds really bizarre, but I've been hallucinating smells. Like right now, I'm smelling fish and chips at my desk. Half an hour ago it was cloves. Shit, now it's fried chicken. Also I've got a weird sensation of cold spots on my neck and torso. Like dripping water. Fucking weird sensation. Like an itch that moves. I keep on thinking I'm spilling water on me. But I'm not.

For those who might know me as well, I haven't had mushrooms for breakfast either. Not on a school day anyway.

I've just been informed that a workmate just had an early lunch of roast chicken and steamed veges with Roast potatos, parmesan and pepper.

Note to self: Don't say your thoughts out loud, your workmates think you are a crackpot already. This however doesn't explain the fish & chips, the water sensation and cloves.