Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Something I'd watch.

Life is is a bit strange sometimes. Especially on the telly. I don't watch a lot of the box, but last night, I managed to plonk myself down for a bit of zoning out.

The news at 10 was on. Big news. The Michael Jackson verdict to be exact. Wasn't he lucky. Imagine him being sent down to prison. Jesus Christ. All the lifers would be queueing up to be "the guy who beat Michael Jackson to death with a pipe." Now that would be something I'd watch.

Anyway, back to the verdict. Anyone notice the pack 'o' wackos outside the courtroom. This one lady caught my eye. She looked like a Martha Stewart wannabe, dressed quite smartly in a green power suit. The thing is though, she had a wire cage in front of her that was full of white doves.

She started releasing the doves, one by one as the counts we're being read out. She's mental, right? You'd have to be. Think about it. "Hmmm, I might not work today, instead I’m going to get a cage full of doves and mosey on down to the Michael Jackson trial and release them one by one as the charges are read out." What if he was found guilty? Would she have bitten the heads of 'em? Again, that would be something I'd watch.