Thursday, May 05, 2005

Welcome to nowhere.

I'm kind of enjoying my little trip back home. Well sort of. I'm really enjoying getting a proper coffee, thank you Verona. I'm enjoying all the fresh seafood, thanks to Seamart. I'm enjoying catching up with friends, spending a few lazy days supping on Mac's Gold. It's all quite nice really.

I know things are cheap here, but things seem expensive. It's an odd feeling. The thing is I'm getting really bored, really quickly. I feel I've outgrown the place. I know the real New Zealand is not in the city, but in the beaches and wilderness. That's what makes this country so great. It's a shame that all my mates are working, or skint. Otherwise I'd be far away exploring the countryside that I love so much.

I'm taking up an offer to go out to beautiful Karekare to stay at my friend's place for a few days, and if I can stretch it, go out of town to an old friend's place in the Coromandel.

My friends are constantly pulling me up on the fact that I'm calling London home. But you know what, London feels like home now. When you leave a country, especially New Zealand, and see that there is a big world out there, and you come back a year later, well everything seems the same. And it is. Almost.

To be fair, there seems to be a cool few things happening in the K'Road area, artwise with the Disrupt & Misery Crews, and a few new galleries. There seems to be an awful lot of shitty housing going up, courtesy of Tony Tay. (This guy is ruining this city) The only thing that has really changed is me. That's the hardest thing to get across to people, is that I've moved on. It's hard not to come across as a snob, but how can you compare Auckland to London?

The accent is freaking me out a bit too. So wucked. I'm almost ashamed. That's so terrible, eh. I'm sure I don't sound like them, honest.

Get this to top it off. Stagecoach, which is the bus company that services Auckland had decided to go on strike. For six fucking days. Great, could you imagine the buses stopping in London for six days? Not bloody likely. Welcome to nowhere. Not leaving for anywhere, anytime soon.