Thursday, April 14, 2005

Poison 101

I picked up a metro on the tube this morning, and on the front page was a mugshot of Kamel Bourgass, a supposed "Al-Qaeda" suspect. Very interesting article, namely about his attempt to make ricen and use it on the public in North London.

I had a look on the BBC news website and come up with this. Hmmm, it seems no ricen was actually discovered, just the ingredients. But the
Porton Down laboratory, which analysed the material and equipment seized from a flat in Wood Green where Bourgass was living, said that a residue of ricin had been found when it had not.

Mohamed Meguerba who was linked to Kamel Bourgass, supplied the information when under interrogation in Algeria, was adamant that two pots of ricin had been manufactured at the Wood Green premises.

I've no doubt, that
Bourgass was a threat, and it was soon proved by his actions in stabbing a policeman to death on his accidental capture, and probably given enough time, would have carried out the attacks. But being a sleeper for Al-Qaeda? I'm not too sure. Most of the information on Bourgass, came from Mohamed Meguerba, who it seems is not the most reliable source of infomation.

From where I'm sitting, it seems that the media and police are all too quick to assume that people involved in some form of terrorism, and are possibly asylum seekers, possibly Algerian and possibly Muslim have to be linked to
Al-Qaeda in some way. They seem to get the majority of information from other suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists that have already been caught. Don't you just love the media, and the government, and the pictures the like to paint.

Here the icing on the cake though, the BBC news site shows you pictures of what you need to make ricen. They black out the recipe of course, but it took me 30 seconds to find a recipe on the internet. (Funnily enough from an American website.) Then incredibly one quick link away, lists all the types of poisons and recipes.

Based on what I got off the net in a matter of seconds, and backed up by the helpful BBC I could go out right now and have a batch of ricen all ready to go in a few hours. You have to wonder how much a part the media in the western world, who is hell bent on exposing
Al-Qaeda terrorists, namely to fuel the fire against the muslim world, plays in planting the seeds for budding young terrorists, living in the west, who obviously want to destroy the west.

Funny old world eh?