Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Six month review (Part 2)


Always something to do.

I've been here for six months now, and I still haven't done bugger all. There are so many things to do, if you were loaded (with cash). You could just go non-stop in this town for well, as long as you could handle it. There are so many restaurants, I'd love to try out, so many museums and galleries to go to, so many sights to check out, and so much stuff I'd love to buy. There is a ton off stuff out there, that'll I'll probably never see either, but I hope I'll get there one day.


For example I went to seetickets and flicked through A and B of upcoming gigs. AL GREEN, ALICE COOPER, ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS, APARTMENT, ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION, ARTHUR BROWN, BECK, BABYSHAMBLES, BLACK EYED PEAS, BLOC PARTY, BRIAN WILSON, BUZZCOCKS all popped up. I must admit, some of this music isn't my bag at all, but you get the picture in the amount of live music goes on. And all this is just on one website. Imagine the other ticket sites out there? What about bands that don't even advertise. There could be some great unsigned band just bashing away in some pub somewhere in London tonight. I also have re-discovered all my old musical leanings, mainly because I’m not surrounded by house music, which is usually the case in Auckland. Infact I’m pretty much over house music. Should be interesting when I go home to NZ in three weeks and check out the current musical climate.


The sheer size of this city. It makes me laugh when people say they get bored. Get off the couch and go explore the city. Everyone moans about public transport, but in reality it's not that bad. Maybe I might groan about it in a few years, but at the moment, it's cool not to have to drive everywhere. I still get a buzz hopping on public transport knowing I'll probably never see any of these people again. It makes me want to be cheeky and a little eccentric just to guage peoples reactions.


I'd go insane without them. Thank god I've fallen in with a really good bunch of people. You know who you are. It's a god send to be able to have instant f(r)iends who all are as they say round my way, safe.


Can't beat it. Good little vege market, a pile of odd shops, good boozers, all my mates bar one live near me. And even he's moving closer, which is brilliant. A great cinema down the road. Brockwell Park is beautiful and I can't wait till the Lido Pool opens. My flat is brilliant, and I'm getting the feeling I want to stay there for a while. A mellow flatmate with good taste in music, food and wine, and a really nice modern pad. And 250 steps to my favourite pub. What more could I ask for? Maybe a nice girlfriend, but that's an entire post on it's own, and I'm not prepared to open that can of worms just yet...