Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pot calling the kettle black.

Seems everytime I look at some news site on the web the whitehouse wankers keep on popping up all over the show. Heres a doozy by Donald "I'll kill you" Rumsfeld.

"Donald Rumsfeld, US defence secretary, has warned Iraq's new leaders against political purges or favouritism during his visit to Baghdad. He said that such behaviour could lead to charges of corruption and sap confidence in the yet-to-be formed government."

Ha! You have to be kidding me. If it's a US model that the new fledging democracy is based on, I can bet you horseshoes to hand grenades, that it will be corrupt and rotton to the core. I do think it's great that Iraq has a Kurdish leader, considering how badly the Kurdish were treated under the Sunni lead government. But you have to ask the question how did it get so out of hand in the first place.

Well... It was the 1980s. Saddam was America's puppet in Iraq fighting the Iranians who has just turned into an Islamic state after America's puppet - The Shah of Iran - died of cancer. Osama bin Laden was a buddy in Afghanistan and the Taliban was know as the MujaHadine Freedom Fighters. Reagan was trading arms for hostages to fund an illegal war against the Sandinista-controlled government of Nicaragua. And Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield was making oil deal with Saddam Hussein. (see above)

They now accuse Saddam of gassing his own people and we want to put him on trial for it. And - if he did it - he deserves to die for it. But America gave Saddam the poison gas that he used to kill the Kurds - gas that he was supposed to use to kill Iranians.

Poison gas is illegal under International Law and America making it is illegal. But Americans are above the law - or specifically Republican presidents are above the law - and we make nerve gas and we gave it to Saddam to use to kill people in Iran - which Saddam also did.

So - you see - Republicans interpret the law differently than the rest of the world. It's OK to gas Iranians - but it's not OK to gas Kurds. If Saddam if found guilty then i- in my view - his partner Ronald Reagan is also guilty. Reagan gave Saddam poison gas to kill Iranians and Saddam did what Reagan wanted - but he just gassed some Kurds on the side.

Reality is different than American political fiction. Under International Law it's just as illegal to gas Iranians as it is to gas Kurds and the criminals include everyone who was involved which includes those who supplied Saddam with the gas with instructions to use it.

Reagan is dead now - and beyond the reach of the law. But Reagan was Saddam's partner in the gassing of the Kurds and a conviction of Saddam is also a conviction of Ronald Reagan - both of whom are criminals of war.

These kinds of acts only strengthed Saddam, until 1991 when oil hungry nations took notice as result of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Saddam Hussein declared that the invasion was a response to overproduction of oil in Kuwait, which had cost Iraq an estimated $14 billion a year when oil prices fell. Hussein also accused Kuwait of illegally pumping oil from Iraq's Rumaila oil field.

The UN Security Council called for Iraq to withdraw and subsequently embargoed most trade with Iraq. In August troops moved into Saudi Arabia to protect Saudi oil fields.The United Nations set Jan. 15, 1991, as the deadline for a peaceful withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait. When Saddam Hussein refused to comply, Operation Desert Storm was launched on Jan. 18, 1991, under the leadership of U.S. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf.

The U.S.-led coalition began a massive air war to destroy Iraq's forces and military and civil infrastructure. Iraq called for terrorist attacks against the coalition and launched Scud missiles at Israel (in an unsuccessful attempt to widen the war and break up the coalition) and at Saudi Arabia. The main coalition forces invaded Kuwait and S Iraq on Feb. 24 and, over the next four days, encircled and defeated the Iraqis and liberated Kuwait. When U.S. President George H. W. Bush declared a cease-fire on Feb. 28, most of the Iraqi forces in Kuwait had either surrendered or fled.

Although the war was a decisive military victory for the coalition, Kuwait and Iraq suffered enormous property damage, and Saddam Hussein was not removed from power. In fact, Hussein was free to turn his attention to suppressing internal Shiite and Kurd revolts, which the U.S.-led coalition did not support, in part because of concerns over the possible breakup of Iraq if the revolts were successful. Coalition peace terms were agreed to by Iraq, but every effort was made by the Iraqis to frustrate implementation of the terms, particularly UN weapons inspections.

So, as you can see the Yanks tooled up Saddam, give him enough slack, till he pisses off the flow of oil, then cut off the whole country and let them rot. Then he uses the same weapons, to wipe out the Kurds, and then good old USA steps in, under George W Bush to mop up after his old man, all on the pretense of looking for WMD. Which the USA supplied in the 80's. It's all a bit scary really, the planning that goes into arming a country, undermining that same country, then bombing that country back to the stone age, then overtly occupying that country and making it yet another puppet state for the USA. All for control of resourses and building contracts that goes straight back to the people that took it away in the first place. That's democracy for ya!

So when Donnie boy comes out with a quote like that, well it makes me want to puke bile.

Next stop Israel. Oh what a post that is gonna be, it's been festering for a while let me tell you!

P. S. I'm not trying to turn my lighthearted blog into a political soapbox, but I feel quite strongly about those c**ts over the water, and my anger is spilling out here. Rather here, than actually venting my rage on any yank I see, which would probably land me in jail.