Friday, June 03, 2005

Die, you motherf**ker.

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I can't even begin to say how much this make my blood boil.

Considering how bad Africa is doing right now.
I'll make a point. Just picked off the bbc news site today.

  • 22,000 people arrested in Zimbabwe and their homes burned to the ground.
  • Civil war in the Ivory Coast.
  • Child miners in the Congo.
  • No aid going to Niger.
  • The rapid increase of HIV/AIDS in Africa, and total lack of medicine to combat it.
  • Nigerian corruption.
  • Explosions in Burundi.
  • Sudan is starving.
  • Child traffiking in Benin.

With the huge push to help Africa's debt by the world's wealthier nations, it amazes me that American c**t decides to do this. Fuckface's defence budget is running into the billions, and he has the utter stupidity to say, and I quote "A key part of the plan did not fit with the US budget process." Maybe because you submitted a £1.3 trillion budget for next year, cutting back on welfare and schools, I might add, just to prop up your fucking pointless war machine.

You fucking monkey, there is blood on your hands, wanker.

*Sorry for all the swearing, but I'm raging here.