Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I predict a riot.

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I think it's a good thing what Bob Geldolf is doing with the Live 8 concerts. Well kind of.

Well for a kick off, I think it might kick off. Not the concert that is. I think the concert, well the Hyde Park one will put me to sleep, save for maybe Muse, The Cure, Velvet Revolver and at a stretch the Killers. The rest of the lineup, well it's all a bit too fashionable innit? I know it's a good cause and all that, but between Mariah, Elton John, Madonna, U2, Paul MaCartney, Sting, Robbie WIlliams they could probably buy Africa. Well maybe not, but you get the idea.

The main flaw I see with the whole Live 8 concerts is that Sir Bob is trying to get 1,000,000 people to go protest at the G8 Summit at the Gleneagles hotel. I think the idea of it is great, but the reality I fear if he pulls it off will probably get ugly. Just look what happened in Genoa the last time in 2001.

Poor Edinburgh will grind to a halt. I don't think it will be albe to cope at all. With all the tourists in July, a huge load of schemies looking for easy pickings, and a lot of people who will think there is a bit of "per-tay doon the toon." It's going to be chaos. Maybe Bob should have asked the people of the city first maybe? Or at least ask how the council is going to accomodate the influx for the week.

Of course there is going to be a ton of more police on patrol and they seem to be building a five mile long fence around the Gleneagles hotel as I write this, to keep out pesky protesters from rushing the hotel. Another great metaphor. 8 of the big bastards of the worlds biggest consumer nations, discussing what's best for the world without really asking the world or letting them anywhere near. Typical really.

But apparently he's urging it to be a peaceful affair. How exactly to you control the possibly of a million people protesting Mr Geldolf? You can't. All is going to take is a few hardcore folk to start hurling the molotovs at the cops, and it's all on. Bigtime.

If the worlds top 8 governments want to fix Africa before it dies, they need to curb the rampant corruption in African governments that siphons off all the aid that comes pouring in, sort out some kind of deal with all the assorted tribal militia running amok all over the continent, and try to somehow give all the people who leave Africa looking for better money in Europe some incentive to stay put and get a bit an economy going on.Maybe tell George Bush there is a whole lot of untapped oil in Africa and he'll send in the bully boys to create "democracy."

Here's a link to a spot of email terrorism from the make poverty history site. (which everyone is getting those naff white bands for, and incidently is supposed to be quite trendy.) I've had the banner on my site for ages, but geez it's all getting a bit "cool" now eh? Don't ya hate how people love to jump on the charity bandwagon.

Email Tony Blair and say your piece. I'm not gonna rant on to Tony about Africa, I'm going to ask him what he intends to do about the shit state of affairs in the U.K.

We'll see what happens.