Monday, May 23, 2005


I feel I've been in transit for the last month. I'm slowly coming round to my normal (is there such a thing?) life. I just got back from NZ last week. The first week I was back home, I was suffering jet lag and finding it really hard to connect with my old home town. The next week I got slightly back into the groove and then went out to the west coast to Karekare for the weekend. I should have done this the minute I had got there, rather than sit outside skanky clubs, buying overpriced shitty drugs and trying to connect with people that I had so clearly now know that I have left behind. That's life though, eh.

I did however have some memorable times in the city, with some people that I know, but I wouldn't have thought I would have. You guys and gals know who you are. Thanks. The last week got all a bit weird, and I realised that there was still a lot of people I wanted to catch up with.

I wish now that I had spent more time with my family. By the time my Mum had driven me to the airport, and I had started my long ride home, I was feeling a bit homesick. A few things I realise now is that New Zealand is in the countryside, the beaches, and the wilderness. A city will always be a city, and that if I do ever go back to stay in NZ, I can assure you that I'm not going to fall for the living in the city trap. It's gonna be the west coast all the way.

A good whole 24 or so hours of travelling round the planet to land at Heathrow at 6.00am was surreal. I actually missed the damn place. Can you believe that? From lush green to tower blocks? I can't describe it. Comfort in concrete?

Totally weirded me out to be honest. After scraping enough dough to get a tube in rush hour traffic, lugging bags up Brixton Hill, dodging people, cars, puke and rubbish to my flat, by the time I got into my room I was beat, but strangely energised.

I slept for 30 hours. I woke up feeling really alone and broke as usual. I had a mate who I could rely on for a bit of company and cash, so I called him up. I stept outside and was greeted by the sun! Bonus. I have not had a summer here yet, and the fact the sun was blinding my eyes was an unusual but quite a welcome sight.

My mate has moved to Battersea, which I haven't been to yet. Another surprise. We took a long stroll through the park. How cool is Battersea in the spring! I loved it. Didn't even know I was in London. Had a lazy afternoon, a nice lunch a refreshing ale. It was a really nice day. I was stoked.

I then hopped on a bus that went through Chelsea. I haven't been through Chelsea before. What a different contrast to Brixton. The place just stinks of cash. Not my cup of tea, but still, from my perch on the bus still looked like yet another spot in London, I had no idea of even existed. This got me thinking. There is so much of this town I have yet to discover, let alone the rest of the country!

I'm now looking forward to Summer, and determind to spend a bit more time getting out and about, and maybe not so much time propping up bars.

I can't wait...