Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The weirdest day.

Last Thursday, at the last minute I decided to ride my bike to work. I was so close to getting the tube. Like made my mind up walking out the door to ride. It wasn't a sunny morning, and even spitting a little, but I biked none the less. I'm glad I did. When I get the tube, I get into Kings Cross at roughly 9.50am. I don't even want to think what might of happened. It's far too horrible to contemplate.

When I got to work, I heard of a power surge had caused and explosion at Aldgate. Pretty soon, I heard of a few more power surges. This rung alarm bells in my head. Next thing I'm hearing is a bus being ripped apart. Then my phone gets no reception, and all I can hear outside is sirens. It's looking like a terrorist attack.

I work pretty much smack bang in the middle of it all in Farringdon, right next to the unmarked Reuters building, which is Fort Knox by the way. The rest of the day, no work got done, no texts could get sent, and I sat dumbfounded watching the horror unfold on a bbc news website. I went to the pub with most of my work, and everyone was cracking jokes and getting a bit boozed. I couldn't even finish a cider. I went back to work and a few text messages from family and friends started to trickle through.

Most of our building had gone home, and by 4.30 the decision was made to shut up shop and for everyone to make their way home. I felt sorry for a few people that lived on the fringes, knowing that they had a long trek home. I jumped on my bike and started heading south home. The scenes to greet my ride home were straight out of the zombie flick 28 Days Later. The street were deserted of transport, and the pavements packed with bewildered faces, trying to figure the best route home to safety. Very bizarre.

While riding, I got thinking this must be what it's like every day in Iraq or in Gaza. Except it's a combination of extremists and American & British forces blowing fuck out of each other. With innocent people getting killed in the process. I flew by a few pubs, which were packed. This irked me even more. Is it the great british courage. Get pissed in the face of terrorism?