Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I'm in the process of moving house, and I'm looking at places in Dulwich at the moment. I decided to ride there on my bike to check it out. The place is up a gated road, and the whole place is surrounded by parks. It's very, very quiet and quite a steal at £300 a week. It is a nice bike ride to get there.

I like to cycle in the Autumn. It's a short time, with the leaves all changing colour, but I dig how you can see the seasons change almost in front of your eyes. Also a bit of exercise and fresh air is a welcome change from loitering around dirty Brixton Hill, so the ride was a welcome change.

On the way back from viewing the place, I was flying down a road, and tried to foolishly bunnyhop up onto a curb, and in the process got a back flat tyre. Bastard.

There is nothing worse that being stranded, with a dead bike. I made the most of it, determind not to get grumpy and started strolling back to Brixton, my bike in tow. God knows the walk will do me good.

Anyway I spied a gas station and a air pump. Sweet, I'll see if the inner tube is the problem. I went to pump up the offending tyre, and saw this sign.


I thought, what a joke. Even air isn't free in this town. I muttered to myself and kept walking.

London was grinding me down yet again, and looked like the sky was going to open up to piss all over me. Yay. By the time I got to Herne Hill I was in a bad mood. I turned a corner, and literally a bicycle shop fell into view. This blew me away. I've never noticed it before. They were open as well. I checked the bike in, to get the tyre done, and walked home, with a spring in my step through Brocky Park. I swear the clouds parted too, and the sun shined on me.

Thanks London, you suprised me today. Keep up the good work.