Wednesday, November 10, 2004

War Pigs

Reported in the Bangkok Post 18/11/2001
Originally uploaded by LIFE OF REILLY.

I have had an idea to end the war in Iraq, which involved pork fat bombs. It's a bit radical, maybe that's why I liked the idea. I had a dig around on the net, and it seems someone else has already had the brainwave. Tinawat Maruekapitak sent an email to George "I'm a total fuckwit" Bush about a week after 9/11. What balls! He should have been made King of Thailand in my opinion, instead he was forced to resign. After further digging around on the net this little cracker popped up. The Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. Seems that pork fat has been used before, maybe innocently, maybe not, but used all the same, and it appears to have had some bad outcome. I can see that people might want to be a vegetarian, for health reasons, and maybe they don't really want to eat dead animals, but as a part of religion? I couldn't think of a worse thing, been denied a bacon sammie because of faith. All you non-pork eating religious people out there, you are missing out. Also, come to think of it, all you non-pork eating religious people out there don't drink booze either? Maybe that's the problem? A pint with your bacon sammie. I know I'm a lot more chilled out after that great combo. Infact scrap the pork bombs altogether, send bacon sammies and beer. Give old Tinawat the honour, he’s probably unemployed, and deserves the job.