Monday, November 08, 2004

Babel Fish

I've been fooling around with Babel Fish. This is what happens if you go from English to Spanish, and back again. (It's Fridays post by the way). I'm still laughing as I write this. I wonder If I do all my posts like this from now?

From the day of Fawkes of the individual of it's tomorrow, I feel it's worthy of him to deliver an attack. Now I'm not one for the cost the enormous amounts in fireworks, so me the own ones are going to do my. Easy It's. All what you need are a bottle of crystal, gasoline and some rags. Certain flags make the good rags to burn themselves, and some are known to burn themselves better than others. Perhaps some nails or small pieces of the metal to put in its bottle if you wish to demonstrate dull. Hardly it puts a little gasoline in a crystal bottle, fits upon the bottle with his rag. The bottle inclines until the rag is soaked totally with gasoline. Find his target, you obtain in distance of the launching, light and shot. Repeat so many times, until you are satisfied. Diversion of It's for the whole family. Also I know a place in central London that is perfect place to enjoy the done fireworks wonder in house.