Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Klepto Boys

Things are looking up. I've had a few weeks work, and a number of windfalls recently. Not money, mind you, but things which I have found. Now I kinda collect stuff. Those who know me, have seen this silly habit a lot. I tend to collect random objects and act like a extra on whose line is it anyway. Well in the last two weeks my pal George and I have found 2 random objects that actually have some use. The first was an empty keg of beer discarded on the side of the road. We lugged it home. The next morning we set to it, turning it into a bbq. It kind of looks like this. I know what you guys are saying. It's cold outside. Who cares. BBQ meat tastes great, and considering my recent fascination for Jerk chicken and all things Jamican, it kind of has to be done this summer. We have a good back garden, a ton of dub and reggae records and a penchant for a few jazz ciggies and cold beer, once the summer kicks in, our homemade jerk pit will be wafting sweet smells of bbq jerk chicken all over South London. It'll be Notting Hill Carnival with out the pickpockets. Excellent. Next thing you know I'll be getting all nostalgic and trying to dig a kiwi hangi through the patio. Lets hope that don't happen.

The next item we found was this. It's a ECKO Stereogram, probably from the sixties. It's in PERFECT WORKING ORDER. It even had the legs and brackets and the original paper slipmat and price sticker on the turntable. It's got a valve amp that produces the a warm sound that is simply brilliant. The cones are getting a little brittle, but that's all thats might need replacing, and maybe a new needle. It's basically in mint condition, and yes, my klepto buddy George and I found it in the fucking street. Cool eh?

It was the centrepiece of our whole flat's combined birthday party/bbq last Saturday night. Everyone went gaga over it. We have a good record collection at our place, which got a good bashing on the night. It was a fantastic night, but it went by too quick, and in a moment of "relaxation" I burnt my jerk chicken on the bbq. It also took three days to get over the hangover properly. It's no real surprise however. I am getting older. I surprised myself by tapping my foot to James Taylor and Neil Young and Cat Stevens on the ol' Stereogram, and actually liking it. My pal George are on the eye out for some nice bunnets, and started calling each other Jack & Victor. Roll on Summer, to thaw out my tired bones.